Sunday, April 23, 2017

Computer GK Quiz 80

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 80

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 80
The Google IPO was done in:
A. 2006
B. 2004
C.  2005
D.  2003
Answer: B

1 byte consists of :
A. 4 bits
B. 32 bits
C. 8 bits
D. 16 bits
Answer: C

What is the full form of Wi-Fi?
A. Wireless Focus
B. Wireless Fidelity
C. Wired Focus
D. Wired Fidelity
Answer: B

What is Windows XP?
A. Shareware software
B. Part of MS Office
C. An operating system
D. Freeware Software
Answer: C

The general format of the URL is as follows:
A. type: // path / Address /
B. type: // Address / path /
C. type: // path /
D. type: /// Address
Answer: B

MS Office Outlook is used for ---- ?
A. Typing Text
B. Designing Presentation
C. e-Mail service
D. Publications
Answer: C

Which one of these is not a feature of Windows 8?
A. Support for touchscreen
B. Advanced power management
C. Urban user interface
D. Support for ARM processors
Answer: C

Which of the following features allow Windows 10 to adopt to different device types?
A. Hub
B. Continuum
C. Unify
D. Flexi
Answer: B

A fibre-optic cable consists of tubes of:
A. Wooden
B. Glass
C. Mirror
D. Rubber
Answer: B

All the files deleted from computer are stored in __________ .
A. Recycle Bin
B. Recent Places
C. Control Panel
D. My Computer
Answer: A

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