Saturday, March 12, 2016

Data Abstraction MCQs, Questions in DMBS

DMBS Data Abstraction MCQs, Objective Questions with Answers:

Which among the following is NOT Valid level of data abstraction in DMBS ?
A. Physical Level
B. Remote Level
C. Logical Level
D. View Level
Answer: B

How many levels of abstraction in DBMS ?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

The type data abstraction which allows the conceptual representation of data in database management system is considered as
A. logical design model
B. data model
C. interface model
D. user friendly model
Answer: B

Which is the transformation of requests and results between different levels of abstraction:
A. Evaluation
B. Mapping
C. Compiler
D. Precompiler
Answer: B

Considering abstraction concepts, the process of assigning the similar entities to similar entity types systematically is called
A. classification
B. instantiation
C. identification
D. exception abstract
Answer: A

Which provides precise partition between abstract characteristics of the data type and its implementation specifications:
A. Data
B. Data item
C. File
D. Data abstraction
Answer: D

The identification, aggregation and instantiation are abstraction concepts used in
A. intension and extension models
B. classes and nodes models
C. concrete models
D. semantic data models
Answer: D

The process of abstraction in which the objects and classes are identified with some kind of identifier is classified as
A. classification
B. instantiation
C. identification
D. exception abstract
Answer: C

Which services are insulated by abstraction from the fundamental physical data:
Answer: C


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