Friday, March 11, 2016

Conceptual Database Design Questions

Conceptual Database Design, ER Diagram Questions, MCQs: Conceptual database design involves modelling the collected information at a high-level of abstraction without using a particular data model or DBMS.
Need of Conceptual Database Design:

  • Independent of DBMS.
  • Allows for easy communication between end-users and developers.
  • Has a clear method to convert from high-level model to relational model.
  • Conceptual schema is a permanent description of the database requirements.
  • ER Diagram is Most popular conceptual model for database design.

Entity Relationship (ER) Model:

  • Most popular conceptual model for database design
  • Basis for many other models
  • Describes the data in a system and how that data is related
  • Describes data as entities, attributes and relationships

Conceptual Database Design, ER Diagram Questions, MCQs
Normalization is --------- database design technique ?
A. Bottom Up approach
B. Top down Approach
C. Both A&B
D. None of above
Answer: A

An entity which depends on other entity for its existence is a ------ ?
A. Strong Entity
B. Weak entity
C. Partial Entity
D. Dummy Entity ?
Answer: B

Attribute in ER Diagram can be ?
A. Composite
B. Multivalued
C. Null
D. All of above
Answer: D

In an E-R diagram attributes are represented by
A. rectangle
B. square
C. ellipse
D. triangle
Answer: C

In an E-R diagram an entity set is represent by a
A. rectangle
B. ellipse
C. diamond box
D. circle
Answer: A

If an attribute can be split into components, it is called a ------ attribute ?
A. Single
B. Multi-valued
C. composite
D. None of above
Answer: C

Which among the following is valid Cardinality of a Relationship ?
A. One to one (1:1) relationship
B. One to many (1:N) relationship
C. Many to many (M:N) relationship
D. All of above
Answer: D


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