Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Computer GK Quiz 78

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 78

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 78
A Terabyte represents about:
A. 1 trillion bytes
B. 1 quadrillion bytes
C. 1 billion bytes
D. 1 million bytes
Answer: A

What is the full form of ISO?
A. Indian Standard Organization
B. International Standard Organization
C. International Systems Organization
D. International Standard Ora
Answer: B

CSS stands for:
A. Cascading Style Shots
B. Creative Style Sheets
C. Cascading Style Sheets
D. Creative Style Shots
Answer: C

The extension of a MS Access Database is:
A. .mdb
B. .mad.
C. .mac
D. .md
Answer: A

Which of the following is an email client?
A. Mozilla Firefox
B. Internet Explorer
C. Outlook Express
D. Yahoo
Answer: C

A set of raw, unprocessed facts, figures and symbols is called:
A. Information
B. Data
C. Instruction
D. Code
Answer: B

The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to Recycle Bin is:
A. Ctrl + Del
B. Shift + Del
C. Alt + Del
D. Ctrl + Shift + Del
Answer: B

Laser beam technology is used in one of the following:
A. Optical Disks
B. Mouse
C. Magnetic Disk
D. Monitor
Answer: A

The file extension DLL stands for:
A. Dynamic Link Library
B. Dictionary Link Library
C. Dual Link Library
D. Dynamic Load Library
Answer: A

In Windows 7, what is the shortcut key for creating a New Folder?
A. Ctrl + Alt + N
B. Ctrl + Shift + N
C. Ctrl + N
D. Alt + Shift + N
Answer: B


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