Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Computer GK Quiz 75

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 75

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 75
ATM stands for:
A. Auto Transfer Model
B. Automatic Transistor Model
C. Automated Teller Machine
D. Automated Teller Mark
Answer: C

The shortcut key for renaming file and folder is:
A. F4
B. F2
C. F3
D. F6
Answer: B

Windows 7 is preceded by which version of the windows?
A. Windows 2000
B. Windows XP
C. Windows Crystal
D. Windows Vista
Answer: D

To subscript a text, shortcut key is:
A. Ctrl + >
B. Ctrl + <
C. Ctrl + *
D. Ctrl + =
Answer: D

Shortcut for Save as command is:
A. F12
B. F10
C. F4
D. F7
Answer: A

The file extension PNG stands for:
A. Portable Natural Graphic File
B. Printable Network Graphic File
C. Portable Network Graphic File
D. Pointable Network Graphic File
Answer: C

Which is a programming language among these?
Answer: A

SOAP stands for:
A. Simple Object Access Procedure
B. Small Object Access Procedure
C. Simple Object Access Protocol
D. Small Object Access Protocol
Answer: C

Twitter is a __________ website.
A. Portal
B. Search engine
C. Email
D. Social networking
Answer: D

Red wavy lines under text indicates:
A. Character Mistakes
B. Grammatical Mistakes
C. Spelling Mistakes
D. None of These
Answer: C


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