Friday, December 25, 2015

What is CERT-in

CERT India or CERT-in was established in 2005 with a purpose to provide consultancy, training and distribution services for the full range of Belbin products and materials, and conducts Belbin Accreditation training, leadership and team building training at all levels from shop floor to executive teams. CERT India is committed to partner with Indian industry in transforming performance of individuals and teams through the power of Belbin Methodology. Given the increasing performance expectations and team delivery of India Inc, we will value add to the process of competence building of individuals and teams.
Over several years Dr Meredith Belbin has researched 'work place behaviour' to identify 'Team Roles'- clusters of behaviour that relate to an individual's natural tendency in interrelating with others. Dr Belbin's team role model is now used extensively throughout the world to help bring about improvements in individual and team performance. The original self scoring Self Perception Inventory has now been replaced by the Belbin interplace 7 online system to handle the many variables and provide reliable advice on complex human resource management issues.