Monday, January 9, 2017

Computer GK Quiz 73

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 73

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 73
The file extension .jsp stands for:
A. java server page
B. java social page
C. Java service page
D. java sequal page
Answer: A

The key combination used to permanently delete a file from Windows computer:
A. Alt + delete
B. Ctrl + delete
C. Shift + delete
D. Delete
Answer: C

Windows XP was released in:
A. 2001
B. 2003
C.  2000
D.  2002
Answer: A

The first Tweet on Twitter was sent:
A. January 3, 2006
B. October 14, 2006
C. March 21, 2006
D. May 21, 2006
Answer: C

 Which of the following is the founder of Facebook?
A. Mark Zuckerberg
B. Pavel Durov
C. Sergey Brin
D. Sean Parker
Answer: A

What is the official Twitter bird’s name?
A. Larry
B. Birdy
C. None of these
D. Chip
Answer: A

What is the name of new built-in browser includes in Windows 10?
A. Edge
B. Opera
C. Cortana
D. Super Internet Explorer Pro
Answer: A

A Search Engine is:
A. A device search for motor engines
B. A software to search for engines
C. A website that look through databases for matching criteria
D. A website that sells products and services
Answer: C

Copying a software without purchasing it is ___________ .
A. Software Piracy
B. Freeware
C. None of these
D. Shareware
Answer: A

The total number of function keys in a computer keyboard are:
A. 8
B. 14
C.  12
D.  10
Answer: C


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