Friday, April 4, 2014

Computer GK Question Paper 26

Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 26:  Computer GK Sample Question Papers as part of Computer GK Sample Papers for Competitive Exams, PSU Exam, State Govt & Central Govt. Examinations held each years. Here is Sample questions asked based on Computer GK in various exams.

Computer GK Question Paper:
* A goal of normalization is to minimize the number of redundancy
* Programs from the same developer, sold, bundled, together, that are provide better integration and share common features, tool box and menus are known as software suits
* A data ware house is one that organizes important subject areas
* URL term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site
* A proxy server is used to process client request for web pages
* When data changes in multiple list and list are not updated, this causes data inconsistency
* Granting an outside organization access to internet web pages is often implemented using a extranet
* The code that relational database management systems use to perform their database task is refer to as SQL
* URL stands for Uniform resource locator
* A data base management system is a software system used to create, maintain and provide controlled access to a database
* The two broad categories of software are system and application
* The metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer is known as system unit
* Data integrity means that the data contained in the database is accurate and reliable
* A local area network is a private corporate network used exclusively by company categories
* Eight bits equal to one byte
* A byte can hold one character data
* A characteristic of a file server is manages files operations and is shared on a network
* The development process of computer started in 1617
* The role of Blaze Pascal in the development of computer is addition and subtraction of numbers

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