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Computer GK Sample Question Paper 4

Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 4:  Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 4 as part of Computer GK Sample Papers for Competitive Exams, PSU Exam, State Govt & Central Govt. Examinations held each years. Here is Sample questions asked based on Computer GK in various exams.

Q.56 What do you do to get rid of a window that you've opened?
A. Delete
B. Trash
C. Close
D. Save
Ans: C

Q.57 Programs stored in ROM are called ------------
A. Hardware
B. Software
C. Firmware
D. None of these
Ans: C

Q.58 Who is Inventor of "C" Programming language ?
A. R Jhon
B. Bill Gates
C. Dennis Ritchi
D. none

Q.59 What is full form of PC ?
A. Pentium Computer
B. Personal Computer
C. Permanent Computer
D. Pascal and C

Q.60 Which company is nicknamed "Big Blue"?
A. Google
C. Microsoft
D. Apple Inc.
Ans: B

Q.61 Which among following is not a programming Language ?
A. C
B. Mozila
C. Pascal
D. Fortran
Ans: B

Q.62 PARAM is ---
A. Indian supercomputer
B. Indian Low level Programming language
C. Processor Name
D. First Programmer of India
Ans: A

Q.63 The first Unix operating system, as it was in development stage, was written in --
A. C language
B. B language
C. assembly language
D. none of these
Ans: B

Q.64 Which of the following can be used to select the entire document ?
(B) ALT+F5
Ans: A

Q.65. A Web site's main page is called its–
(A) Home Page
(B) Browser Page
(C) Search Page
(D) None of these

Q.66 You can keep your personal files / folders in–
(A) My folder
(B) My Documents
(C) My Files
(D) My Text

Q.67. The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a–
(A) tab
(B) cell
(C) box
(E) None of these
Ans: b

Q.68 WWW stands for
A. World Worm Web
B. World Wide Web
C. World Word Web
D. None of the above
Ans: B

Q.69 ----- is used to communicate from one city to another.
C. Internet
D. All of the above
Ans: D

Q.70 Which of the following software is used to view web pages?
A. Web Browser
B. Internet Browser
C. Internet explorer
D. All of the above
Ans: D

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