Thursday, April 20, 2017

C-DOT Common Service Platform

C-DOT develops CCSP (C-DOT Common Service Platform) to make smart cities more efficient, economical and future proof. Government of India’s announcement of Smart Cities project in mission mode has generated a lot of interest.  The concept of smart cities is incomplete without intervention of communication and Information Technology.  

About C-DOT Common Service Platform:

  • Govt on 20th April 2017 annouce that C-DOT develops CCSP (C-DOT Common Service Platform)  to make smart cities more efficient, economical and future proof.
  • C-DOT has developed CCSP(C-DOT Common Service Platform), the oneM2M standards compliant common service platform which can be deployed on any off-the-shelf generic server platforms or cloud infrastructure. The business application providers can deploy their oneM2M compliant applications in either co-located infrastructure or on any public or private cloud.
  • Using the CCSP platform from C-DOT, the smart cities can reap all the benefits of using a standards compliant horizontal service layer and thus be more efficient, economical and future proof.
  • Along with the CCSP C-DOT has also developed various oneM2M indigenously designed hardware nodes like AND (Application Dedicated Node), ASN (Application Service Node) and MN(Middle node).
  • To effectively showcase the strength of the platform, C-DOT has also developed various applications like Smart Living, Smart Street Light, Carbon Footprint Monitoring Application and Power Monitoring which are fully oneM2M compliant.
  • C-DOT has also participated in two international interoperability events where the CCSP and the ADN were tested for interoperability with many other oneM2M compliant nodes from various international organisations like Interdigital, Herit, Huawei, HPE, NTT, KETI, LAAS-CNRS etc. C-DOT also participated in the conformance testing with ETSI.
  • C-DOT P.D.O. (Public Data Office) is ready to bring yet another revolution by taking internet connectivity to every nook and corner of the country like it did in the 1980s when PCOs changed the Indian telecom scene in by taking telephones to rural India. C-DOT hopes that PDOs would bring next telecom revolution by taking internet connectivity to the masses. 


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