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Computer GK Question Paper 28

Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 28:  Computer GK Sample Question Papers as part of Computer GK Sample Papers for Competitive Exams, PSU Exam, State Govt & Central Govt. Examinations held each years. Here is Sample questions asked based on Computer GK in various exams.

Computer GK Question Paper:
* Telephone broadcast is the example of simplex transmission
* Optical, Mechanical are the kinds of mouse
* Control panel is used for increasing and decreasing the speed of the cursor of mouse
* The capacity of modern main frame digital computer is 10(to the power of -12
* With the help of my computer we can know about the usage and availability of space in computer
* We use both MS-Word and page maker for making resume
* Earliest computers that would work with FORTRAN was second generation
* Back Ups in database are maintained for to restore the lost data
* IDEA is a encryption technique
* DBRM takes care of storage of data in a database
* The job of DBMS is to decrease redundancy
* Digital signatures use encryption for authenticating
* OS acts as intermediary agency between user and hardware
* First generation computers could do batch processing
* The analytic engine was created by Charles Babbage
* Voicemail of GSM service provider has the personal security code for its subscribers
* Senior manager decided about the division of work with respect to IT security
* Encrypting file system of window XP professional operating system protects the data of a user, even if the computer is shared between users
* The .mpeg is the format of a movie file
* Controlling is NOT required for high level language program before it is executed
* A plotter is output device
* 80286 is a hardware part of microprocessor
* Top-bottom approach can not be the measure of network traffic
* A switching mode power supply is used for converting raw input power to stabilize DC power
* Spooler can manage the whole printing process
* Validity routines control procedures can be used to ensure completeness of data

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