Thursday, May 18, 2017

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz 84

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 84

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 84
 “.png” is an extension of which type of file?
A. Video
B. Word
C. Audio
D. Image
Answer: D

What is the full form of WWW?
A. World Whole Web
B. World Wide Web
C. Web World Wide
D. Web World Whole
Answer: B

Dr. Solomon and McAfee are popular:
A. Anti-Virus
B. Virus
C. Dr’s Name
D. Operating System
Answer: A

How many versions of Windows 8 for PC have been released?
A. 3
B. 2
C.  4
D.  5
Answer: A

A network that covers large area, city, country and World is called:
A. Bridge
C. Router
Answer: B

What is the full form of TCP?
A. Transfer Control Protocol
B. Transmission Control Protocol
C. Transmission Control Process
D. Transmission Centric Protocol
Answer: B

A bit can be _______ .
A. 1 and 0
B. 1 only
C. 0 only
D. 1 or 0
Answer: D

Data is permanently stored in:
A. Hard Disk
B. Cache Memory
C. Printer
Answer: A

Who is the founder of IBM Company?
A. Thomas J. Watson
B. Bill Gates
C. Steve Jobs
D. Nolan Bushnell
Answer: A

Google was founded in:
A. 2002
B. 1998
C.  2000
D.  1996
Answer: D


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