Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Computer GK Quiz 77

Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 77

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Computer Awareness, GK Quiz No 77
Which of the following option is not true for FORTRAN?
A. Translation
B. Lading
C. Controlling
D. Linking
Answer: A

A device which connects multiple nodes to the network is:
A. A router
B. A modem
C. A hub
D. A repeater
Answer: C

Which statement is not true in relation to cloud computing?
A. Cloud based applications can be accessed through a web browser or mobile app or a light weight desktop.
B. It provides computing and storage capacity to heterogeneous set of users.
C. Publicly available Web search engines that process the same data for every visitor are examples of cloud computing.
D. It relies on sharing of resources over a network to achieve coherence and economies of scale.
Answer: C

Which device is used to connect PC with Internet / Broadband?
A. Graphic Card
C. Modem
D. VGA Card
Answer: C

Program that contain instructions to operate a device is called _________ .
A. Device Driver
B. Device System
C. Device Operator
D. Device Linker
Answer: A

The keys starting with character F1 to F12 are:
A. Alphabet Keys
B. Arrow Keys
C. Function Keys
D. Numeric Keys

The microphone converts the sound into:
A. Mechanical Signals
C. Electrical Signals
D. Software
Answer: C

Shortcut Key to open a new document is:
A. Ctrl + N
B. Ctrl + A
C. Ctrl + O
D. Ctrl + Y
Answer: A

The upper most bar showing the name of the application is called:
A. Taskbar
B. Status Bar
C. Title Bar
D. Menu Bar
Answer: C

The length of IPv4 address is:
A. 64 bits
B. 16 bits
C. 32 bits
D. 8 bits
Answer: C


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