Thursday, March 24, 2016

IT Act 2000 Objective Questions, MCQs

IT Act 2000 Objective Questions, MCQs, Computer GK Quiz No. 52:  Computer GK Sample Question Paper as part of Computer GK Sample Papers.This Sample paper will also help candidates in Competitive Exams, PSU Exam, State Govt & Central Govt. Examinations held each years. Computer GK Questions which you can access from our Free Mobile App of "COMPUTER GK" from Link: DOWNLOAD COMPUTER GK Mobile App . Here is sample Question paper as part of Computer GK Questions for upcoming examinations. 
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IT Act 2000 Objective Questions, MCQs, Computer GK Quiz No. 52
Information Technology (IT) Act 2000 came into force on ...... ?
A. 17 October 2000
B. 9 June 2000
C. 1 June 2000
D. 1 October 2000
Ans: A

Which among following Act is not ammended in Information Technology Act 2000 ?
A. The Bankers Books Evidence Act, 1891
C. BSNL IT Policy
C. RBI Act 1934.
D. The Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Ans: B

What is/are component of IT Act 2000 ?
A. Legal Recognition to Digital Signatures
B. Regulation of Certification Authorities.
C. Digital Certificates
D. All the above
Ans: D

Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 has come into force in ?
A. January 2008
B. October 2009
C. October 2008
D. January 2009
Ans: B

Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) work under ?
A. Prime Minister office
B. Reserve Bank of India
C. Ministry of Communication & IT
D. autonomous body
Ans: C

Which of the following is an example of Intellectual property ?
A. Patent
B. Trade Marks
C. Copyright
D. All of above
Ans: D

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