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Computer GK Sample Paper 45

Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 45:  Computer GK Sample Question Paper as part of Computer GK Sample Papers for Competitive Exams, PSU Exam, State Govt & Central Govt. Examinations held each years. Computer GK Questions which you can access from our Free Mobile App of "COMPUTER GK" from Link: DOWNLOAD COMPUTER GK Mobile App . Here is sample Question paper as part of Computer GK Questions for upcoming examinations. 

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Computer GK Sample Question Paper No. 45
The term gigabyte refer to ?
A. 1024 bytes
B. 1024 kilobytes
C. 1024 megabytes
D. None of above
Answer: C

Which of the following provides a printed copy of you presentation ?
A. Outlines
B. Speaker notes
C. Audience handouts
D. All of above

URL Stands for ?
A. Universal Research List
B. Universal Resource List
C. Uniform Resource Locator
D. Uniform Research Locator
Answer: C

To add a header or footer to your handout you can use ?
A. The tile master
B. The slide master
C. The handout master
D. All of above
Answer: C

Which option on the custom animation task panel allows you to apply a preset or custom motion path ?
A. Add effect
B. Emphasis
C. Animate Now
D. All of above
Answer: A

Slide show options available to the presenter include all of the following except ?
A. Transitions command
B. Speaker notes command
C. Meeting reminder command
D. Navigation commands
Answer: A

If the display system time and date is wrong, you can reset by using ?
A. Write
B. Calendar
C. Write file
D. Control panel
Answer: D

First generation computer systems used ?
A. Transistors
B. Vaccum tubes
C. Magnetic cores
D. Silicon chips
Answer: B

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  1. Great help for the people who are about to give finals of Computer GK. This sample paper will really help them. Thank you for posting!